GEO-Wetlands partners and their roles

GEO-Wetlands was founded by a diverse partnership coordinated by the University of Bonn, Wetlands International and the Secretariat of the Ramsar Convention, as an outcome of the EU Horizon 2020 project SWOS. Several other partners provided support and are contributing to the initiative. The chart below shows the different partners and their roles within GEO-Wetlands.

Much of the implementation and workload is covered by contributions of several projects (bottom right box in the chart). These projects develop infrastructure (portal, databases, interfaces), software toolboxes, maps and other products and demonstrate the value of a Global Wetland Observation System within several case-studies.

A growing network of partners

The GEO-Wetlands partnership is continually growing with new organizations and projects from all over the globe. The open and collaborative framework of GEO-Wetlands allows organizations, projects and even individuals to get actively involved, bring new ideas, perspectives and resources to work under a common set of goals and contribute to specific tasks by joining (or even establishing new) GEO-Wetlands working groups and task teams.