Working Groups

The GEO-Wetlands Community of Practice is organized in different long-term working groups and short-term Task Teams. Both of these implementation mechanisms take responsibility for specific tasks within the implementation plan of the initiative.

Working Groups either focus on a specific type of wetlands (e.g. Mangroves), a certain aspect of wetland observation (e.g. wetlands inventory) or a component of GEO-Wetlands (e.g. capacity building, web-portal) and are responsible for defining clear goals, outputs and time schedules to achieve them. They are networks of experts and users and provide a framework for collaborative work towards common goals.

Task Teams are ad-hoc groups for short-term activities like website development, report writing or methodological guideline publication. These teams have a clearly defined output and follow a specific timetable to achieve it and are resolved afterwards.

So far, the Working Groups on Mangroves, Capacity Building and the GEO-Wetlands Portal have already been formed. Planned working groups include Wetlands Inventory, Toolbox development and Peatlands. Please contact us and get involved if you are interested or working in one or more of these fields.

A task team for development of this website has been set up and is currently working on this task (so you can expect some major improvements to the website, soon!). In the future, temporary task teams will be set-up for report development as well as publication of guideline documents, besides other tasks.