GEO-Wetlands is a collaborative effort. Its success depends on involvement and contributions from diverse partners and stakeholders all over the world. This page gives an overview of the current working groups, partners and projects. Contributing projects play a key role in the implementation of the goals of the initiative. The GEO-Wetlands working groups are open for members from all disciplines, sectors and regions and new groups will be formed.

If you want to learn more about GEO-Wetlands, become a part of it or simply like to discuss questions related to the initiative or about how to collaborate in the field of wetland Earth Observations please join our GEO-Wetlands #Slack. This is a free to use collaboration tool that we use for discussing all different aspects of GEO-Wetlands as well as for coordinating our work. You are more than welcome to get in touch and join us!

  • To join the GEO-Wetlands Slack you will need to sign up first using this link.

Once you have done so, you can join the discussion on the GEO-Wetlands #Slack!