Brockmann Geomatics Sweden

Brockmann Geomatics Sweden (BG) is a private company and offers methodological solutions and information products based on remote sensing and GIS. BG has a broad experience in environmental mapping and monitoring and specific expertise in remote sensing based services for wetlands, palsa mires, fresh waters and marine coastal zones. In addition, several projects related to other nature types of high natural value as well as habitat and dam security modelling have been accomplished.Our well-established contact network, including our sister company Brockmann Consult in Germany, provides links with other national and international actors involved in biodiversity and ecosystem monitoring.

Role of Brockmann Geomatics in within GeoWetlands

We are very interested in issues related to mapping and monitoring of changes in wetlands including peatlands especially the links to changes in climate, catchment land cover and land use as well as in water quality.

As a partner in SWOS we have been involved in GeoWetlands since the inception.

Point of Contact

Point of contact: Susanne Thulin,